#01 Fashion Inspiration of the day - April 7th 2016

Hi everyone!

I decide to create a post dedicated to fashion inspiration, starting on today.

I will attach photos that have catch my eyes.

Hope you'll like it!



"The White Witch" on Dark Beauty Magazine

Today is a good day. One photo, of a set I have directed as Art Director, has been published on a magazine I admire very much, "Dark Beauty Magazine". It gives people the chance to create strong, dark, no ordinary images.

You can find it HERE.

Dark Beauty Magazine exists to bring the art and passion of fashion together in a collective of storytelling photography. Sharing with it’s readers the creativity and masterminds behind brilliant imagery. Through the images we celebrate the fashion and the stories that are told though a team of photographers, designers, makeup and hair designers along with set and lighting professionals. We encourage, inspire and bring out a different point of view. Not only for our readers, but for other up an coming professional photographers. Dark Beauty Magazine is not just a magazine, we are a fashion bible, an inspirational toolkit and a book compiling amazing artists in one place.
— Dark Beauty Magazine


Art Director: Ilaria Iacoviello - Nobody's Here
Photographer: Federica Nardese - Visual Story - Federica Nardese Photography
Model: GlicinE


Hope you will enjoy it!
Have a nice day