Match Trend is a website that deals with fashion: clothes, styling, make up art, nail art, hair styling.

The user can see a series of outfits (or example of make up), and find every kind of information to do it by himselfYou can define your own outfit by uploading it through your personal profile. You can upload photos found on internet, or photos you have been taken. The system can give you feedback about it, telling you where you can find a particular cloth or product you need to realize the outfit.It’s a very simple system that helps the user to recreate an outfit from an example already given or from something he has seen (like something on a magazine).



So the website has a menu divided in:

  • home
  • outfits
  • make up art
  • nail art
  • hair styling
  • login/personal


When the user logs in he saves his own information, he can connect his social network profiles to the website in order to share what he finds or creates. Then he can navigate the website, save what he likes. Everything is added automatically to his account.




After the user has looked for something, he can see a list of results. He can give a feedback too in order to help the system to refine the research.