NIUCO is an italian company which deals with corporate restructuring and turnaround management. It creates value to those companies that waste it. NIUCO helps to overcome the discontinuity of the context in which they are located or internal problems by working with them. It applies structured approaches typical of the blue chip companies to SMEs, small and medium enterprises, so a hybrid system.





I have compared NIUCO with other ten competitors that dealing with turnaround management. This is the new rank that I chose. I want NIUCO to be institution and at the same time innovative compare with the other corporate identities. 



Niuco believes that all companies are like men: they have untapped potential. Businesses in difficulty are not an exception, indeed, because of the effects of results or context, they tend to depress still more their potentials.

Niuco tries to pull out the 100% of the potential of those SMEs that are  are going through moments of discontinuity or crisis with a model that fits the context: through consulting or by the injection of human and financial capital.

Professionalism. Collaboration. Creativity. Capital.


NIUCO will offer highly professional services at a low cost while minimizing the inclusion of external expertise to maximize the involvement of internal resources.

The operating model will be hybrid and it will go from pure consulting to the injection of human capital or financial.


S – maximum utility services

W – much "noise" around similar services 

A – work with a large number of companies

T – not make itself understood by entrepreneurs



I created the brand image of this company starting from an initial research related to the world of corporate restructuring and turnaround management and then reflecting on the values n which it was based.

Abstract values onjugated to a type of hybrid work that target the "creation" of a new company restructured. 

Hence the idea to summarize these concepts in a triangle, divided into four parts, each representing a value.

brand 02-20.png



As for the font, it was decided to choose LFT ETICA made y Leftloft, Milan studio.

The font is described as follows

Etica, the-moralist-typefamily-project, was born at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing, overcoming many hurdles and diversions. On one hand, the original idea was spurred by a certain esteem for Helvetica, in particular, its strength and versatility, and on the other, an intolerance to its plenty but inadequate applications; created by those who erroneously consider it to be a neutral and timeless design. We believe that Helvetica is a beautiful typeface, but very deeply rooted in its own era. It is often unsuitably used in contexts that have changed profoundly since its birth.


    Credits to   Santiago Moreno   for placement template.


Credits to Santiago Moreno for placement template.