When I started to think about NIUCO website I tried to point out the most important contents and I tried to figure out how to make them more easily accessible.

The user has to understand:

  1. What NIUCO does
  2. How NIUCO does its work
  3. What makes NIUCO different from other companies (UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION)
  4. What its most important values are
  5. Its vision and its mission

So the most important objectives are: to be clear, to make the website easy to understand, to speak clear to the users.




General Director | Interest: General overview of the company | Technological confidence: low–medium

Commercial Area | Interest: Increase in revenues | Technological confidence:     medium–high

Administration and Finance  Interest: what make NIUCO different from other companies | Technological confidence: medium–high





General Director | Use of website: The general director of the company will use the site to get the most important information of NIUCO, that’s why they are highlighted by box and specifical visuals. The menu is very simple: he clicks on “what is” and then he can scrolland has an idea of what NIUCO is in its whole

Commercial Area | Use of website: The commercial area’s need is to create value, and know the value of their company. If they are loosing it they have to know that the core of NIUCO’s business is to help companies to create value while they are wasting it. That’s why the “what NIUCO does” is the first box that the user can see.

Administration and Finance | Use of website: This area has to know immediately how NIUCO sets in the process of restructuring. So they have to know that NIUCO uses an ibrid system: it helps SMEs, applying a blue chips approach to them, by using a complex methods. They can see it immediatly in the second box, where the unique selling proposition is expressed. Using the system from a Mobile like an iPhone, the user canscroll the menu and go the specif area, as it happens in the desktop version.




Then I started to design the website: i think it simple, clear, responsive.

The uses will be SMEs, small and medium enterprises, so I had expected that the users could not be familiar with complex website.




The client expressed the need to include much content within the site: his fear was that customers fail to understand all services offered. The texts to be included were many and very long. They were divided into: mission, intermediate buyout, the six key points, pre buy-out, other services and target companies. The six key points and other services can be expanded with the addition of further content. To make the fruition easier I divided each portion of text within boxes that could then identify specific areas and give hierarchy to reading.





NIUCO is a single page website with markdown along the page. It has a menu made out of four items: mission, go to mission, aziende target and contatti. Go to mission has a second level menu: intermediate buy–out and pre buy–out. 

Wireframe of the page - no expanded boxes

Wireframe of the page - no expanded boxes

Wireframe of the page - expanded boxes

Wireframe of the page - expanded boxes



Having a large amount of text, as a first proposal, I thought to add graphic elements in order to lighten the reading and navigation of the website. The proposal allowed to read the content, and view a summary of it through graphics. Here some examples.