What is real beauty? “Cats on a Roof” tells this story. A classic, cheerful, ’50 inspired girl, or a modern, sullen, redhead one? A photoshoot inspired to a classic movie “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, where the current fashion world represents an interference, something that can bother you. To break even more the historic taste, everything happens in a hotel room, with an eastern taste. So, what’s your decision?





Ilaria Iacoviello
Roberto Gatti
Cecilia Castelletti
Giulia Webber de Biasi
Ilaria Iacoviello - Laura Sansotera
Enterprise Hotel Milan

Special thanks to Laura, Giorgo, Patrizia and Enterprise Hotel Milan


"Cats on a Roof" is inspired, as you can see from the moodboard which I enclose, from the film "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" the 1958 film directed by Richard Brooks , based on the stage play by Tennessee Williams. Not wanting to recreate a historic set, inspired only to the 50s, I decided to proceed as follows .

I analyzed the posters, graphics, fashion, make-up of those years, trying to create a first level of reading very adherent to the historical reference period. Then I decided to challenge it with the most current imagery linked to the world of fashion and the figure of a model.

I chose Laura for the part of the woman of 50s inspired to Liz Taylor, a girl who is not a model by profession, but remembers the traits and even gestures of her. I chose her for her passion for these years, a passion that expresses spontaneously, as I think we can see from the photographs. All changes were decided by her, and then compared with me. 


I wanted to make a clear comparison between my figure (I am the other model), hinner, sullen, and Laura's freshness and naturalness, typical of those years. I wanted to communicate how it is changed the concept of beauty. In this set is the current fashion to be considered an interference within the historic adhesion .

The hotel allowed me to then create an additional break, dropping a set 50s, in beautiful pictures and decorations from Oriental taste.